Access loans up to $250,000 for your business
with competitive, fixed interest rates.

Complete a 5 minute application to get matched with the best of 5 different CDFI small business lenders
or other community resources who want to support you and your business!

Apply for a loan in minutes.

Competitive Loan Terms

- Loan amounts from $1,000 to $250,000

- Monthly principal and interest payments

- Fixed interest rates, for the life of the loan

- Rates between 9% and 12%, depending on loan size

- Origination fees will range from 3% to 5%

- No prepayment penalties

Eligible Businesses

- Located in the city of Charlotte

- Ability to repay the loan through documented cash flow

- Minimum FICO score of 575 or no established credit

- Not engaged in lending, speculation, pyramid sales, gambling, tobacco, cannabis, adult entertainment, or any industry prohibited by federal law

How can I use my loan?

- Equipment

- Payroll

- Utilities and rent

- Supplies

- Marketing and advertising

- Other expenses

What you'll need

- Loan Amount Request and Use of Funds

- Business and Personal Contact Information

- Business and Personal Financial Information

- Information for a Soft Credit Check (no impact to credit score)

- Bank Statement Information

Business Support

If you are not matched at this time, or if you are looking for additional support, there is a network of free or low-cost resources available in Charlotte. These resources include:

UNC Charlotte Small Business Technical Development Center

Prospera - Bilingual, English/Spanish

Our Support

Scale Link provides management of the program on behalf of its local partners. The CLT Alliance Foundation leveraged its access to capital to establish the fund. The CLT Alliance Foundation is proud to play a supporting role in providing greater access to the number one resource small businesses need to grow their businesses, and our economy by extension – capital.


The Charlotte Small Business Growth Fund is designed to match small business owners to nonprofit lenders who will be able to assist them. Please note that submitting an application, and/or being matched with a lender, does not mean that a loan will be approved or funded. Additional information will be requested by participating lenders, and each individual loan decision will be made exclusively by the lender based on a review of information collected from applicants and others. All rates and loan terms are subject to change.